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My sweetest dream – Nile

Egypt is the gift of Nile (c)

Waking up to the sunshine glowing over the mesmerizing beauty of the Nile… Having morning coffee on the deck of the cruise ship with the view of the sandy mountains of the desert and green shores of the Nile valley… Observing the kids playing by the riverside and elderly people working in their fields. Watching the sunrise over the river and setting gently behind the desert Mountains…

This was exactly like a sweet dream. A dream that I would like to relive over and over again…


Trip to ancient Civilisation

This cruise is very unique as it combines a diversity of touristic activities – history, culture, relaxation and art in one trip. Visiting all the places where the civilization started, where ancient religions roots were founded. Observing the people and their life style in the south of Egypt (which Egyptians call Upper Egypt because of the position and flow of the Nile). The people in the Upper Egypt are very hospitable and friendly. They still keep all the traditions and their habits.

Traders on the Nile in Esna. In their small fishing boats and with their incredible skill, slowly coming close to the cruise ships and throwing their products to the customers all the way up to the deck, as the ships prepare to cross the river’s cataract.

Hatshepsut Temple
Karnak Temple
Com Ombo Temple
Com Ombo Temple
Hatshepsut Temple
Karnak Temple
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple
Traders on the Nile in Esna
Edfu Temple
Carriage riding to Edfu Temple


Heart melting smiles on Nubian kids in Aswan, and cosy and exceptional Nubian houses that blast with lively colours, where the local families serve the visitors their traditional tea and hibiscus drinks. I will never forget Fatouma’s sad face because I did not have a pen for her small pen collection in her big world.

Humanitarian values and hospitality are the key values for Nubians.

  We will definitely meet again in my next dream..

About the trip:

Trip starts in Luxor and ends in Aswan (or opposite way). Our trip took 4-5 days (stopped in: Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan). There are flights and trains going from/ to Cairo. We took the flight to go to Luxor and night train to come back from Aswan to Cairo. We booked first class coaches in the train and it was very nice and comfy, yet for a reasonable price. An old school train with cafeteria, which added more credits to the trip. During the trip we used almost all the possible means of transportation – flight, bus, horse carriage and boat. One can add tok tok to complete the list.

This is certainly a “must do” trip for those who are into culture, history, nature and peace.


A girl from Azerbaijan, travel and visual art enthusiast who has left her homeland in 2011, ever since, she can never find home again. Started believing that she belongs to nowhere and everywhere in the same time...

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